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Click Link for Current Practice SchedulePractice schedule 8.20.19.pdf 

If you plan on NOT using your field on a day in which you signed up or you would like to get an available field time please contact Chris Tompkins.  Additional field time will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. 

We expect our players to develop proper softball skills and a growing knowledge of the game. What you teach these girls is important to their development and ability to successfully move up through our softball program. In order for this league to run smoothly, we need everyone on the same page! We have outlined some standards and expectations for all coaches. To have a more competitive season and league, we would like you as coaches to strive to meet these standards. Please click below on your division for standards and expectations. 

6U Coaching Standards      8U Coaching Standards      10U Coaching Standards      12U Coaching Standards      Uppers Coaching Standards 

    Click HERE for Game Planner Template 8U              Click HERE for Practice Planning Sheet

    Click HERE for Game Planner Template 10U & Up         Click HERE for 4 Field Layout Sheet


  Basic Hitting Stance                                      How to field a ground ball                               How to catch a softball


How to throw a softball                                       How to catch a fly ball                                      How to hit a softball

CONCUSSION CERTIFICATION - EVERY coach must have a valid certification (they are good for one year). Also every team mom must have one! Please click the link to complete the free concussion program. 


Just a Reminder:

It is the responsibility of the coaches to take care of field maintenance for their own games.  This is to take place BEFORE your game.  Make sure the mound is where it is supposed to be, the foul lines and batters boxes are chalked and make sure any holes left by the pitchers and batters are filled.  

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